Apple, Plum and Blackberry Crumble with Vanilla Cashew Cream

Crumble is a beautiful thing.

Breaking through the crunchy golden layer and reaching the bubbling stewed fruit below is the thing dreams are made of. It can turn a gloomy day into a bright one, and make even the simplest of days into a special occasion.

I didn’t grow up on crumble, as some of you already know (and those that didn’t will know now) I grew up in Brasil. You see, hot, scorch-y weather doesn’t exactly invite bubbling breakfasts. As soon as I moved to London though, and these beauties came into my life, it all made sense as to how people endure the cold and grey winters.

Staying indoors with a bowl of this apple, plum, and blackberry crumble makes me one happy lady! You get a velvety smoothness from the cream with a caramel-like crunch from the topping and a bubbling sweetness from the fruit, all in one bite. Pure magic!

Apple Plum Blackberry Crumble

The topping of the crumble is just so divine. You get an amazing nuttiness from the coconut sugar, which browns and caramelises so beautifully with the oats and almonds.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the fruits! I love the bubbling and oozing as they bake, while the whole house becomes intoxicated with the smell of vanilla and cinnamon, making even the coldest days feel a bit warmer.

It’s a dish that tastes down right naughty, even though it isn’t at all. Happy happy times! Continue reading

Rainbow Veggie Baked Frittata

I remember as a kid going into my grandmother’s chicken coup to pick fresh eggs in the morning. There was so much excitement, so much mystery. Would the chickens have laid eggs for us to pick? How many would there be? Which chickens laid them? I just know you’re getting excited even as you read this.

But then one sad day, as I walked away from the chicken coup in my pink and yellow girly pijamas, as happy a 7-year-old as can be, a rooster decided it would be fun to casually attack me from behind. Have you ever had a huge bird claw itself onto your clothes and frantically flap it’s huge wings? It’s the exact opposite of fun.

So, for a while, I went off anything related to chickens and eggs. Might have been post traumatic rooster-stress, or maybe I was just being a difficult child. Whatever the reasons though I got over it and can now look at eggs in all it’s glory!

Rainbow Veggie Baked Frittata

Anyways! Back to this frittata!

I’m definitely big on quick and easy lunches. Huge actually.

Unless I’m testing and making something for the blog, I like my meals to be in my plate and on it’s way into my mouth with little effort. Oh, and it’s gotta taste amazing. I never said I wasn’t picky!

This frittata ticks all the marks.

It’s super flavoursome, fuss-free to make, looks gorgeous, and can be eaten either hot or cold, which means I can grab a slice straight from the fridge and either squish it between two slices of break or plop it on top of my favourite kale salad.

Oh, and smashing some avocado over it is compulsory, of course. Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Chunk Blondies (Vegan + GF)

Oh gaaawd these blondies!

I’m not sure exactly why these haven’t been a part of my life previously, but at least I have corrected my ways now. I am happy to report that my kitchen has a stock of deliciously fudge-y pieces of sweet bliss.

Happy times indeed!

Chocolate Chunk Blondies

These flourless blondies are soft and densely fudge-y, with an almost melt-in-your-mouth quality to them. The top is golden and cracking, while the middle remains moist and is speckled with bits of molten chocolate chunks. Simply, heaven!

I love having mine warm, with a hot cup of tea and possibly even more nut butter slathered on it, slightly melting from the warmth of the blondie.

I feel giddy just writing about it! Continue reading

Face + Body Honey and Oatmeal Scrub

My skin had been in desperate need of some tender loving care lately.

It just hadn’t been feeling as “happy” as it usually dose, and that could’ve been from the soy latte I’d had (yep, apparently soy milk can make your skin protest. That was definitely news to me!) to whatever other million reasons really. So I decided it was time my honey and oatmeal scrub came to the rescue.

Honey and Oatmeal Face Body Scrub

This scrub is the perfect mix between soothing and exfoliating, as you get the ground oats and Epsom salts that gently scrub away your dead skin cells and at the same time you get the coconut oil and honey, which deeply moisturise your skin leaving it feeling super silky and glowing.

Raw honey is actually amazing for the skin, as it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It helps to soothe your skin and is high in antioxidants, so it’s awesome for a glowing complexion! Continue reading

Carrot, Beetroot, and Ginger Savoury Muffins

When I first told Matt I was making savoury muffins, he looked at me like I was crazy.

In his eyes muffins could only ever be sweet, and I must have be mad or something to suggest that they could be part of our lunch. Of course that only led me to need to prove that I was right, and that salty muffins were totally a thing – and I’m so glad I did!

Beetroot Carrot and Ginger Savoury Muffins

These muffins are super tasty and filled with goodness.

They’re made with buckwheat flour, which makes them gluten free and super filling, as it’s a super nutritious and dense flour, and the buckwheat also gives these muffins a slightly nutty taste, which I love.

The grated beetroot and carrots give these muffins a beautiful colour and a slightly earthy flavour, which goes beautifully with the fresh herbs and the warming ginger so that every bite is delicious and deeply satisfying! Continue reading

3-Ingredient Cookie Dough Bliss Balls (GF + Vegan)

I love an easy, simple recipe.

These cookie dough bliss balls are it. Honestly, so so delicious, and it doesn’t get more simple than 3 ingredients!


You get an amazing sweetness and caramel-like flavour from the dates, that pairs up perfectly with the slightly bitter cacao nibs. That way the bites are not overly sweet but still taste like a naughty little treat! The cashews work as the perfect base, as they have quite a neutral flavour and really showcase the dates and cacao nibs. Continue reading

Naughty Candied Bacon and Spiced Pecan Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is time to evoke our inner temptress, to bring forth the powers of seduction.

It’s definitely the time to be naughty over nice, and to do something utterly decadent that you wouldn’t even have dreamed about where it any other day.

So, in honour of my meat-loving fellow, this has manifested in the form of candied bacon and spiced pecan chocolate!

Naughty Candied Bacon and Spiced Pecan Chocolate

This recipe is for those who love a salty-meets-sweet combination, like pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, and chocolate-covered potato crisps.

This is the ultimate naughty meets nice treat. We’re using coconut sugar and coconut nectar, which gives it a caramel-like sweetness that works so beautifully with the cayenne spiced pecans. Then we’ve also got some candied bacon, which gives it that smoky flavour that makes this oh so sexy and irresistible! Each bite it met with a with a crunchy smokiness with a hint of spice, balancing out the sweetness from the chocolate.

It’s refined sugar free, dairy free, and paleo, so even though you’ll be having a raunchy treat it won’t leave you feeling all icky and heavy afterwards!

Continue reading

Cayenne Sweet and Spiced Pecans

Oh god these pecans.

How to explain? They’re just the right amount of spicy and sweet, so that you get a little kick from the cayenne, a smokiness from the paprika, but also a sexy, caramel-like flavour from the coconut sugar. It’s an explosion of flavours all packed into one small nut.

It’s impossible to stop at one though. These are so deliciously moorish you’ll just want to pop the whole batch into your mouth at once!

Cayenne Spiced Pecans

The best part is that they are so so simple to make, and don’t even need that much time in the oven to caramelise! The hardest part is waiting for them to cool down. Trust me, it’s a necessary evil unless you want a burnt tongue.

I love these as they are as a snack, but they’re also perfect added to a salad for that unexpected twist and burst of flavour. Since they’re both spicy and sweet, you can add them to anything really. Chocolate, yogurt, pick ‘n mix, anything! Continue reading

Finally on Facebook!!

It’s official, Teffy’s Perks is finally on Facebook!

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to it, but I have. Phew. About time really.

Facebook Page Teffy Perk

This way it’s easier for you guys to see when there is a new post up.

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Teffy’s Perks is heading to exciting places, and I’m so so happy to have you all with me in this journey.

Lots and lots of love to all of you!

Quinoa + Beetroot Patties (Gluten Free!)

Everything tastes better when it is formed into a patty. Fact.

I don’t know what it is about taking leftover ingredients and making them into a round shape that just makes my heart sing. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re so easy to eat, being perfectly comfortable in a bun or in a salad. Or maybe it’s how so many flavours come together into one thing. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a little bit weird and love my food.

Quinoa + Beetroot Patties via Teffy's Perks

I love how simple these patties are to throw together. They need one bowl and that’s it! No piles of dishes to be washed up afterwards, which is great if you ask me. I love cooking, but doing dishes is definitely something I’m never too excited to do, especially if my sink if overflowing with them.

I’m a messy cook (it’s true, ask my mother or Matt), so the less things I have to clean up, the better. Continue reading