What is the Hype Behind Cold-Pressed Juices?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are a general head-in-the-clouds kind of person (nothing wrong with that!), you’ll have noticed the words ‘cold-pressed juice’ popping up everywhere. There is juice, and then there is cold-pressed juice!

What is the Hype Behind Cold-Pressed Juices

So what is the difference?
Traditional juicers extract the juice by tearing the fruit apart with fast blades. This process not only exposes the juice to air, but also creates some heat, both of which decreases some of the nutrient, enzyme, and mineral content of the juice. Cold-pressed hydraulic juicers, on the other hand, uses an incredible amount of pressure to press and grind the pulp of the fruit without adding any heat or oxidising the fruits and vegetables (so it is cold-pressed, geddit?!)

What are the benefits?
Since cold-pressed juices are the closest thing to the actual raw fruit, you get a much bigger hit of the nutrients and enzymes, since they’re intact. The juice will taste super fresh and delicious, and will also last longer if kept in the airtight bottle it comes in (or if you keep it airtight when making it at home) and so can be made in bigger batches!

Through juicing (especially cold-pressed juicing), we’re able to get an incredible amount of nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that would be very difficult to get unless you consumed a truckload of veggies and fruits!

Can’t I just buy a carton juice from the supermarket?
Absolutely not! The juices commonly sold in supermarkets have been pasteurised, which means all the enzymes and nutrients you could have gotten from it are basically dead! All you’re left with is a carton of fructose with whatever added nasties they’ve put in. Drinking store-bought & pasteurised OJ is the same as drinking a can of sugary coke. Honestly, stay away!

A word of caution!
One thing to bear in mind though is that if you have a pure fruit juice, even cold-pressed juice, you’ll be getting a lot of nutrients but you’ll also be consuming a lot of sugar in the form of fructose. Combine that with the fact that the fibre has been removed and you’ve got a blood sugar spike. Not ideal.

That is where green juices come into play! Green cold-pressed juices are king in the juice-for-health world. Since certain green vegetables have close to no sugar, you’ll get tons of the nutrients without a huge sugar rush. If you feel like a concoction of pure kale, cucumber, lettuce, and such is not your thing, then do add some fruit, but try and keep it on a 3:1 veggie to fruit ratio. Carrots, beets, and apples add a great taste! Adding citrus as well, especially lemons, is amazing!

What is the Hype Behind Cold-Pressed Juices

So what do you think? Have you tried cold-pressed juices yet or are you still on the fence?

Purple Carrot and Lentil Soup

For me, autumn means the beginning of soup season and warm, fuzzy blankets.

I mean sure, we can have gazpacho and cold soups during the summer, but autumn is where it all really kicks in. Curling up with a heart-warming bowl on a chilly autumn day, armed with a said fuzzy blanket, is just heaven. Especially when the soup is this delicious and incredibly filling carrot and lentil soup!

Purple Carrot and Lentil Soup via Teffy's Perks #carrotsoup #frenchpuylentils Continue reading

7 Steps to Building the Ultimate Super Greens Salad

The Ultimate Super Greens Salad via Teffy's Perks #salad #kale #sprouts

For me, salads are a super simple go-to meal. I just toss some ingredients together, drizzle a little something over it, and I’ve got a delicious and nutritious meal! I do have a few staples I always keep going back to so that when I don’t have much time to bounce around the kitchen and decide what I want to eat, it just all magically falls into my bowl without much thought!

The right salad isn’t boring at all, and can be bursting with flavours and textures. It’s just about finding what you like and what works! Here are my tips & tricks for creating the ultimate super greens salad!

1. Choose your super greens A salad has to have greens, and the more nutrient dense they are the better. Go for greens like watercress, spinach, chard, rocket, kale, silverbeet, and even get creative with things like dandelion leaves! Aim for a mix of 2-3 options.

2. Choose your protein I always add some form of protein to my salads, be it animal protein or veggie. Smoked trout, chicken, quinoa, broccoli, hummus, beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds are all great options! If you’re veggie, make sure you combine your proteins (ie – pumpkin seeds, quinoa AND hummus)

3. Choose your fats I absolutely love avocados, and rarely a salad goes by where I don’t include it. I think it’s an amazing food and just love the creaminess it adds to my salads. If you’re not an avocado fan, coconut flakes, chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts are all really good options. You could aim to mix 1-3 fats in your salad.

4. Add some crunch I do this 2 ways, both with nuts and with veggies. For the nuts, choose some crunchy nut such as almonds, pecans, or some even cashews. For the veggies, I love carrots, cucumber, grated beetroot, and radishes.

5. Dress it up the dressing is key to good salad! I love my avocado dressing (here) but if I’m already having it chopped up then I opt for something else. Try a mix of tahini, olive oil, and lemon, or honey with mustard, or even some apple cider vinegar with miso.

6. Superfood it this is another chance for you to power up the salad. Add some gut-loving sauerkraut or kimchi, add some spirulina to the dressing, toss in some goji berries, hemp seeds, or top it with some sprouts!

7. Sprinkle this is your last layer, so make it count! A last sprinkle of pepper, some dulse flakes (which is a seaweed and a good source of iodine), some crushed chilli flakes, some capers, some chopped olives, fresh herbs, kale chip crumbs (nothing goes to waste in my kitchen!), as long as it’s tasty and can be sprinkled, use it!

There we go, my 7 steps to easy and speedy salad building! When I do run home for lunch during my break, it has to be something that doesn’t take too long to build so I can sit and enjoy instead of spending all of my time off fussing about my fridge.

The Ultimate Super Greens Salad via Teffy's Perks #salad #kale #sprouts

Za’atar Roasted Pumpkin with Curry Lentils

Zaatar Pumpkin With Curry Lentils

This roasted pumpkin recipe has got to me one of my favourite ever! It’s super yummy and I just can’t get enough of it! It’s slightly crispy on the outside and super fluffy on the inside, so each bite is just amazing!

We’ve also added whole cloves garlic, which just caramelise inside their skin while baking and are so tasty and soft when you take them out! We were all scavenging through the pumpkin dish for as much garlic as possible they’re so yummy! Continue reading

Kabocha Pumpkin Curry with Wild Rice

Pumpkin Curry With Banana

I know summer has barely ended, and no one really wants to really start thinking about the cold that autumn brings (especially those grey days in London!) but one of the things that is fun to think about is all the pumpkin that is coming back into season!

One of my favourite things about autumn has always been the colours and the food! We start seeing pumpkin everywhere, and I just know something delicious has to happen with them! This kabocha pumpkin curry definitely falls under that delicious category!

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Avocado Spirulina Face Mask

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask

Sometimes we just need that extra pick-me-up. Especially with the change of seasons, our skin need all the help that they can get!

This avocado spirulina face mask leaves the skin feeling so nourished and silky. It’s amazing what something so simple can do, it really makes such a difference! Definitely makes it worth looking like a green blob for 15 minutes! Continue reading

Courgette Ribbons with Quinoa and Olives

Zucchini Ribbons Quinoa via Teffy's Perks

I love courgettes! I feel like they don’t get the credit they deserve, which is a shame. They can be considered quite bland, but that just means they give us so many possibilities for seasoning and flavours!

In this dish we’ve got some olives, peppers, lemon, coriander, and delicious olive oil to make it flavorsome, not to mention some delicious quinoa and seeds to give it some more texture and goodness! It’s a delicious and light lunch (and great to take to work as a pack lunch!) that won’t make you feel weighed down but will still leave you feeling super satisfied! Continue reading

Baked Green Peppers Filled with Quinoa and Lentils

This is a perfect dish to finish off leftovers!

You basically toss what you have hanging about in your fridge into a pepper, bake it, serve it up with some salad, a (very big) dollop of hummus, and you’re set! Easy and effortless yet delicious. Exactly my kind of meal!

Green Peppers Filled with Quinoa and Lentils

I love quinoa! Have you tried it yet? Continue reading