Super Easy Homemade Cereal

Porridge is awesome, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood to actually cook something so early. Or I’m in a hurry, and simply don’t have the time. It does happen you know… that snooze button and I have a love/hate relationship!

So now if I find myself in such a predicament, I’m armed with my homemade cereal, casually waiting in the sidelines to be splashed with milk and gobbled up.

It’s super yum, with warming hints from the cinnamon that go perfectly with the sweet vanilla and dried figs, not to mention the delicious crunch from the pistachios and activated buckwheat!

homemade cereal

There is absolutely no denying how convenient morning cereal can be. Grab a bowl, a box, and a jug and you’re set. And it usually tastes good as well! It was my absolute favourite weekly breakfast growing up, and one of the few things that would get me up in the morning to go to school! But conventional cereal is absolutely full of nasties, so much refined sugar it’s actually sad how it’s become the staple for so many families. And worse, many times it’s branded how “healthy” and full of fibre it is. Filthy liars!

So I wanted to re-create this morning convenience of morning cereal, and I wanted to make something that tasted delicious as well.

I love this my cashew milk, but almond milk or even hazelnut milk would be amazing! If you drink organic dairy milk, that would obviously work as well. Continue reading

Strawberry + Wild Rice Salad

Wild rice is such an awesome ingredient.

Technically, it’s not even a rice at all, but a close cousin. It’s actually a seed grain from a type of grass, which is why it has that incredible nutty taste and chewy interior. I do love my brown rice, but sometimes I like to change it up, you know?

Keeps things interesting.

Strawberry Wild Rice Salad

Oh, and it helps that it’s a beautiful salad, with the dark wild rice contrasting with the bright strawberries and the green of the spinach.

Not only does it have to look good, but it has to taste good too! The nutty and slightly grassy flavour of the wild rice pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the strawberries and the crunchy texture of the hazelnuts, and the dressing just ties it all together, as balsamic and strawberries were a match made in heaven! Continue reading

Grilled Persimmon + Halloumi Salad

Adding fruit to salads is a new thing to me, and so far I’ve been loving it! Loving the unexpected sweetness it brings to a savoury dish, and how it just balances out something that could otherwise be too savoury or salty.

Especially when playing around with a cheese like halloumi.

Halloumi is actually one of my favourite cheeses. Eaten raw it’s overly salty and bland, but when grilled or pan-fried, it becomes deliciously crispy on the outside and soft and melty on the inside. It’s just awesome, and unlike any other cheese really.

Persimmon Halloumi Salad

This salad just has a lot going on. It’s herby, salty, and sweet, but it never feels like too much as all the flavours are working beautifully together so that nothing is overpowering or too intense.

By cooking the persimmon it becomes incredibly soft and brings out its natural sweetness, and the lemony and tangy flavour of the sumac ties it perfectly with salad. Mmmnmm. Then we’ve got the yummy salty-ness of the halloumi and the capers, which goes beautifully with the sweetness of the persimmon and the honey in the dressing.

Have I convinced you to make this yet?

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The Lean Green Kale Bowl

I first tried a similar bowl at a cafe, and immediately knew I had to create something similar at home or I would go broke wanting to go eat it all the time.

I know it’s weird to say I love a bowl of vegetables so much, but this bowl really has it going on!

Don’t judge based on looks ok? It has so much flavour and texture to keep you going back to it whenever you need a bowl that will give you and your body some happiness!

Breakfast Green Kale Bowl

There are a few components which really make this the awesomeness that it is.

The mint provides freshness and flavour, while the broccoli adds a change in texture and the almonds an amazing crunch. The eggs are perfectly creamy and ooh the feta sauce. Oooh the feta sauce is not to be missed. It gives what could be an ordinary kale salad some delicious tang and even more creaminess.

This is probably one of those salads that might even make you want to buy those tops that say kale on it. I actually really like those tops! What do you guys think? Yes or no to declaring love to kale? Continue reading

Black Beans + Sweet Potato Mexican Bowl

I love Mexican inspired flavours.

I mean, who doesn’t? There is something about its warmth and spiciness that is just so enticing and fulfilling. Plus, I am pretty obsessed with avocados and beans!

I have great love for black beans, and in this bowl their deep, rich, and almost earthy flavour pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the potato and the refreshing salsa and guacamole.

Vegan Black Beans + Sweet Potato Mexican Bowl

So I know these dishes are usually served with rice, but since I always have beans and rice, I decided I wanted to have something more… tuberous. And there is only one root that can hold itself against the mighty black bean.

Oh this sweet potato! This baked sweet potato gets an almost caramelised outside from the spices, and the inside gets deliciously soft. Its sweetness is perfect with the smoky paprika and nutty peppery-ness of the cumin. It all just works together so well! Continue reading

Green Goddess Smoothie + Green Chia Pot

You guys ready? This is probably the simplest 2-in-1 recipe I can share with you.

It’s so so easy, you make the smoothie, drink a glass full for breakfast, and use the rest for a substantial snack by mixing it with chia seeds. Taa-daa! You’re basically tackling two things at once, so it’s a definite win for me! I make this in the morning before work and don’t even have to worry about leaving something ready the night before.

It’s perfectly sweet from the banana, with the perfect nutty-ness from the peanut butter that comes through without being too overpowering. Every sip — or bite, from the pot – has that hint of peanut butter that I just love, so it never feels too “green”.

Oh, you can use almond if you want, but I’ve been having a peanut butter phase at the moment so yea, that’s what I’m using!

Green Goddess Smoothie and Green Chia Pot

Both the avocado, peanut butter and banana make this an incredibly creamy smoothie – just how I like it! I hate it when I make a smoothie that turns out watery and unsatisfying. I need my smoothie to be thick, like the kind that basically wobbles when you shake the cup.

Of course if you want yours a bit thinner then simply add a bit more water. To each their own, ya know? Continue reading

Springtime Vegan Buckwheat Risotto

I was never much of a pasta kid. I was the weirdo who never wanted the pasta at the Italian restaurant. Risotto was always my weapon of choice.

Oozy, gooey, cheesy risotto won my heart over many a times, and though it wasn’t the lightest dish, it sure was comforting. That comfort and freshness is what I wanted to re-create here, minus the heavy-ness that always came with the old classic risotto.

No one wants to waste time napping away a heavy meal when you could be out enjoying the sun!

Lemon Asparagus Buckwheat Vegan Risotto

This is a super tasty, light, vegan take on a risotto. The asparagus and peas make it taste like spring, and the nutritional yeast gives it a delicious nutty and cheese flavour that doesn’t make it too heavy. It’s the kind of dish that won’t weigh you down and require a 3-hour nap right after eating. It’s summer-y, fun, and light!

We’re also using buckwheat in place of the rice, as I love the bite it gives, and with it being super nutritious, we’ll be nourishing our bods even further. Love it!

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The Utimate Kale + Quinoa Superfood Salad!

I’m sure many of you have heard of superfood salads. Quinoa and kale, and blah this and that superfood, but I promise you this one is different!

It’s not boring at all, it’s full of different flavours and textures, and it actually tastes delicious. It’s the opposite of of a boring salad, I promise!

You trust me right?

It’s so so tasty, and it honestly doesn’t feel like you’re forcing yourself eat a salad when all you wan is, eeerm, chocolate. Do you have those moments too?

Superfood Kale Quinoa Salad

Ahhh, I just love this salad.

It’s so easy to throw together, especially if you already have the cooked quinoa, and there is texture and flavour going that keeps it far away from being plain.

The puffed popcorn-like grains add such a different texture to this salad, and along with the slightly sweet and sour flavour of the goji berries, the meatiness of the black beans, the fluffy quinoa, and the plump sweetcorn, it’s just such a wholesome and filling salad. Continue reading

Very Berry Chia Pot

Ooh I love a good chia pot.

It’s a weird thing to love, but done right, it can be pretty amazing. It can serve as breakfast or dessert, add bulk to smoothies, and make delicious puddings.

It can be super flavoursome and satisfying, and I always feel like I’m working with a blank canvas and can add any variation of flavours I want – within reason of course. They can also be pretty bland though, which I’m definitely not a fan of. Flavour all the way!

Berry Coconut Chia Pot

One of my favourite ways to make sure is tastes damn good is to add some mashed fruit to it, as it adds some naturally delicious sweetness and packs it with even more goodness. It’s pretty cool!

I like to prepare a few of these on Sunday night so that I have them ready to go for the next few days, and they’re so quick to make that I sometimes even whip them up mid-week, with no hassle at all. Continue reading

Buckwheat + Oat Granola Bars with Fig Jam!

Many recipes in this blog are born out of need.

I either crave something (ahem, hello brownies!), or I need to try some cool new ingredient/method I’ve seen, or there is something that needs to be used in my kitchen.

Like these buckwheat + oat granola bars for example. I had some figs that were looking pretty sad in my kitchen, on the verge of calling it quits and going bad on me. Not in my kitchen, no sir! Waste not, want not!

Oat and Buckwheat Fig Jam Granola Bars

I didn’t want to simply make jam, I wanted something more, something special. So after much deliberation – as in, probably 1 minute – I decided that their fate was to become a fig jam in a granola bar.

That was what they were born to become, and I was just helping them fulfil their destiny. So altruistic of me isn’t it?

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