Nut-free Chocolate & Banana Bars

These bars are probably one of the easiest things you could ever bake.

Since Matt and I are currently at an Airbnb in Dubai, our kitchen gadgets are very limited, which means that as long as you have access to a fork and an oven, you’ve got this. Of course, being in Dubai, I couldn’t not have dates in these. They are everywhere, and I just can’t stop eating them! So addictive.

These bars are delicious I couldn’t not share them with you guys! They taste like a cross between a granola bar and banana bread. They’ve got that soft banana bread texture to them that make it feel like you’re eating a treat, especially combined with the chocolatiness from the cacao and sweetness from the bananas and dates. The quinoa and oats will keep you full and going, as will the good fats from the chia seeds and tahini. As a snack, it really packs a punch!  Continue reading

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Healthy Travels: Kamalaya in Koh Samui

Kamalaya Spa in Koh Samui

Matt and I recently spent a week at Kamalaya in the paradise that is Koh Samui, Thailand. After having been travelling for 1 month non-stop, we were looking forward to immersing ourselves in wellness and focusing on our health.

What is Kamalaya

Kamalaya is a stunning wellness sanctuary. It believes that everyone should feel life’s potential, and it really is a place for people to connect with their body, mind, and spirit. It’s meant to be a life-enriching holiday to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected, and it really does do all that!


They have a variety of wellness programs to choose from, ranging from detox, stress and burnout, to healthy lifestyle and yoga. It has got something for everyone, and if you don’t want to follow a program, you absolutely don’t have to, but the option is there should you want it. It’s an easy, do-what-feels-best-for-you approach that really sets this place apart.

The whole place is built on the hills and leads to their beach, all while being surrounded by gorgeous palm trees and lush greenery. Just being so integrated into nature is already so soothing, and it doesn’t get much better than sipping on tea, waiting for your massage, and watching the sunset. It’s pure magic.  Continue reading

Raspberry & Poppy Seed Almond Flour Pancakes

Raspberry & Poppy Seed Almond Flour Pancakes are honestly the best pancakes! I even had them for lunch they're so good! From

These are probably the best almond flour pancakes I have ever had or made.

I know it’s a big statement, but I honestly believe it to be true. No word of a lie. I ate two pancakes white I cooked the rest. Yep, that’s right, I just stood over my stove, and ate pancakes with my bare hands as I flipped others. Oh the things I do in the name of taste testing.

It wasn’t classy, but it felt goooood.
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Nourishing Vegan Curry Bowl

Nourishing Vegan Curry Bowl |

This dish was inspired by a bowl I had in Byron Bay.

Guys, this dish was good, but so good, that even Matt got food envy. Here we were, me with my vegan curry, and Matt, an intense meat lover, with his seafood platter, and he was the one with food envy. Ha! That just goes to show, this curry is no joke!

The one I had was served with buckwheat, but I wanted to change it up a bit, so this one is with a delicious chickpea flatbread, which is just perfect for scooping up delicious curry.

This bowl is deeply nourishing, bursting with flavours, and super wholesome. It has everything you could ever wish for.  Continue reading

15-Minute Protein-Packed Paleo Breakfast

Protein-Packed Paleo Breakfast! Make sure you start you mornings off right!

This is such an easy breakfast to make.

It takes less than 15 minutes, and it makes a weekday (or weekend) breakfast feel that much more special.

It’s packed with protein, so it’ll keep you feeling full for a very long time. I also love to have greens in the morning, either in a smoothie or lightly cooked. Cooking kale with spinach and lemon is just so delicious, and the mushroom acts like a toast of sorts with the egg.

I do love a good bowl of porridge, but I think it’s important to vary it up. Continue reading

Almond, Carrot & Chickpea Veggie Burgers

Almond, Carrot & Chickpea Veggie Burgers! So so delicious, perfect for when you just want to sink your teeth into something! #veggieburger #veganburger

Sometimes all you want is to sink your teeth into something.

That something has to be juicy, flavourful, and I need to be able to bite directly into it – no knives and forks please.

Have you ever had that feeling? I have, and usually when it comes around, it’s meant to be satisfied. Enter veggie this burger. Your get a delicious flavour from the rosemary, a delicious saltiness form the olives, and a meaty-ness from the almonds and chickpeas.

Bonus points if you also make a side of my crispy oven-baked sweet potato fries – recipe here!
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Spinach and Broccoli Poppers

Spinach & Broccoli Poppers with a Creamy Avocado Dip are perfect for having guests over! So yummy, and super simple to make!

When I was younger, the only way I’d eat spinach was if it was mixed into a batter and deep-fried into oblivion.

It was crispy, oily, and didn’t taste green at all, but at least I was eating spinach!

These remind me of those, though with much muuuch less oil, and a lot more greens. They’re actually super easy to make, and even easier to eat. Who doesn’t love finger food!?  Continue reading

Deep Dish “Nutella” Filled Cookie Pie

Deep Dish "Nutella" Filled Cookie Pie!

This recipe was a hit. It was devoured in a matter of minutes, and there was no crumb left to tell the tale.

It’s gooey and chewy inside, with a delicious crisp on the edges. It’s addictive. It’s moorish. It’s everything you could ever hope.

You wouldn’t even be able to tell this was gluten and refined sugar free! The ground almonds add such a delicious nuttiness to this, which just pairs perfectly with the hazelnut in the spread. Of course, you can never go wrong with chocolate chunks! I’m more of a junk girl, but you can use chips if you prefer!

I make my chocolate chunks by placing a raw chocolate bar in the fridge and then chopping them up either with a knife or in a food processor. For this one in particular, I used three different flavours from Loving Earth – the hazelnut, the dark chocolate, and the creamy chocolate. It was divine!  Continue reading

Salted Caramel Sweet Potato Brownies

Salted Caramel Sweet Potato Brownies! So fudge-y and delicious, and seriously addictive! |

This was one of the desserts I made for Matt’s birthday. Girlfriend brownie points for me or what!

There are a lot of sweet potato brownie recipes out there, and I have tried a few of them and none of them had wow-ed me. When I eat a brownie, I want, no, NEED it to be fudge-y, chocolate-y, and absolutely delicious.

Yes this is a dessert, but that is what a brownie is meant to be! It’s meant to be decadent, and you’re meant to enjoy every bite of it, because it’s not something you have every day.

I declare these are special occasion brownies. The kind you make when you want to wow someone, or when you simply have a night in with yourself and some awesome chick-flick – I’m sure Regina George would’ve loved these!

I like to use butter in both the brownies and in the caramel sauce as I just find it greatly improves the texture and the taste. You could try and sub it with coconut oil if you so prefer, and by subbing the eggs with some chia eggs you could then make it vegan as well.

If you do eat butter and eggs though, I do recommend it as it just makes this more fudge-y and not as dense. I love having mine the day after, once it’s spent the night in the fridge, as the texture becomes even better!

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Black Rice Beauty Bowl!

There is something in the combination of the salty tamari and the creamy and slightly sweet tahini that is just os unbelievably addictive.

It’s just one of those things that taste so so delicious, and I love it so much I’d have it every day if I could! But I do try and practice moderation, so, you know, I keep it in check most of the time.

You get so many flavours and textures out of this bowl, which is pretty cool considering there aren’t actually that many ingredients. You’ve got crunch from the almonds, creaminess from the tahini, the delicious tender veggies, the yummy nutty rice, and the umami nori. It’s really got it going on!

Black Rice Beauty Bowl |

It is a bowl full of goodness, and for me it really does feel like a treat eating this.

I know it might not be normal to get excited about rice with tahini, but it really is one of my favourite things to have, no word of a lie. Whenever I cook rice, no matter what I plan on using it for, I’ll always make sure to have at least a few tablespoons of it mixed with tahini, and them either some tamari or pink salt for good measure and extra flavour. It just works so well together!  Continue reading