How to Escape the Valentine’s Day Cliche

I hold no personal grudge against Valentine’s Day. I just don’t see what the whole shabang is about. It doesn’t exist in Brazil at all, so until last week I actually thought it was a day for everyone you loved, not just your significant other! Silly me.

So what is it that gets me about Valentine’s day?

Probably the overpriced flowers, overbooked restaurants, forced chocolates and gifts, too-cheesy cards, forced romanticism, you name it. For me, all the gestures people associate with Valentine’s day are something that should happen organically in a relationship. I’ll appreciate it a lot more if you surprise me on a random day rather than showing up on my door with too-expensive red flowers. I’m all about the spontaneity of romance, which, for me, Valentine’s day lacks. It just seems so forced.

What are you guys going to do? If you are a celebrator, I have some options that’ll not only be more fun than your run-of-the-mill cupid day, but also won’t break your bank.

Make your own treats! These chocolate delights are sure to win over your sweetheart – and they’re so simple to make. You definitely cannot go wrong with these. I made them for Christmas and they were gone in a matter of minutes. Much better than store-bought chocolate for sure.

Chocolate vie Teffy's Perks

Cook together – or better yet, take a cooking lesson! Allows for way more bonding than having a waiter bring out your plate. Matt and I took a cooking class together recently and it was so much fun! This Friday we shall be making homemade burgers!


Build a fort! This I am definitely doing. Building a fort never gets old. Drape whatever you got – shawls, blankets, anything goes – and be sure to add fairy lights. It’s all about the mood lighting in these grown-up havens! Bonus cookie points if you watch a movie (as long as it’s not Valentine’s Day. That movie doesn’t count).

1|| 2 || 3

Bacon Roses. Instead of showing up with the cliche bouquet or red roses, why not try a bouquet of bacon instead? You can make it yourself, and it gives that little something-something of creativity.


Funny cards! I know some people are very into card giving. I’m not that particularly fussed, but I do enjoy a funny one here & there. So if you’re going to do it, might as well give the gift of giggles as well. How great is the one below?

VDay Card

So how are Matt and I spending this Friday’s cupid day? Burger-making and fort building, nothing too different from how we spend our “normal” weekends really. The only difference? This Friday has a special name. I have banned him from getting me any presents, and luckily he shares my views. Phew!

Are you a V-Day hater or lover?

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  • Annie Hogan

    bacon roses – what a revelation! A nice gesture that I won’t inadvertently kill by forgetting to water AND i can eat them? too perfect. The fella and I aren’t v-day celebrator’s but I am tempted to build a fort this year…

    • Teffy

      Forts are the one.. especially if you can devour your bacon roses inside! X

  • Jenna

    I have to confess I love Valentines day, any excuse to be surrounded by pink, hearts and flowers! :) Oh and an excuse to eat lots of chocolates! I love the chocolate recipe, I made a similar one for Valentines day with rose petals and raspberries. I couldn’t resist!

    Jenna ||

    • Teffy

      I completely understand the appeal, it just never appealed to me exactly. But yes, any excuse to eat lots of chocolate has to be good =)

  • Lindsay Truax

    A guy has got to love bacon roses. And, I love the idea of cooking lessons. Great post.

  • lucyandthesky

    I never really do anything for it! I don’t mention it, my boyfriend doesn’t and I just end up watching films with my single friends/fellow Valentines atheists. Might have to get up to some baking with the girlies :)
    Lucy xxx

    • Teffy

      I’ve always spent previous V-Days with my girlies, and it is so nice! But they weren’t as up to building a fort as Matt was unfortunately. X

  • Emily Geoca

    I’m a Valentine’s Day hater! It’s a big deal in the states but I’ve never bought into it (although my mom gets gifts for my brothers and I every year). I like your idea, still doing something fun together but not going all out and spending tons of money.

    • Teffy

      We usually spend our Fridays together anyways, so there was no need to go out of our way to spend tons of money on useless bits! X

  • Georgina Bennett

    These are such cool ideas! Now I definitely want bacon roses and a fort – stuff the conventional chocolate and flowers x

  • Caitlin Elizabeth

    What great ideas!
    I definitely love a fort with twinkle lights more than conventional Valentine’s day treats!

    • Teffy

      The twinkle fairy lights are what it’s all about X

  • ollyvia

    love reading your blog, It’s very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)

    anyway, would you like to follow each other?



  • Scarlett Wonderland

    I don’t know whether those bacon roses are hilarious, genius or disgustng! I absolutely love the idea that V- day is for everyone you love, not just your significant other! My mum would always get me a small gift on Valentine’s and I’d definitely do the same for my kids xx

    • Teffy

      I think it’s a mixture of all three! Of course you can’t leave them around in water, so consuming immediately is the only option. Yea I’ve heard of parents doing it for children, that is also one of the reasons I thought it was for everyone! That’s the way it should be anyways… X

  • Laurina Wong

    wow so creative<3

    Make sure to check out my blog, I do a combination of health, animals and fashion weekly!

    • Teffy

      I’ll check out your blog now lovely =)

  • rosiellewellyn

    Yey for fort building! We build a den most weekends!! I’m leaving it up to the boy to come up with plans for tomorrow evening… let’s see if he remembers!
    Rosie xx

    • Teffy

      it’ll be quite hard to forget, with red, pink, hearts, chocolates, and cupids plastered everywhere around the city! I should definitely make fort building a weekly event… X

  • Katie

    I’m a lover! Those valentines bacon roses have me drooling now. I actually quite like valentines day, and there’s nothing to say it can’t be there for appreciation for everyone you love! Love the last card :) I’m just staying in this Friday. The BF is broken atm anyway so he struggles to hobble, let along walk to a restaurant! haha.

    Katie <3

    • Teffy

      I stayed in as well and it was so much fun! What happened? Hope he’s ok! X

  • Nonee Ngazimbi

    Very Cute! And creative…LOVE <3

  • Michellus

    I NEED bacon roses in my life!
    Valentines day would be so much better if it was for everyone you love rather than just that significant other. I don’t hate Valentines Day but I think it’s nice to have a bit of love in your life every day!
    Love this post
    M x

    • Teffy

      I think it should be for everyone! Shall we decree that it is? I think we should. X

  • vanessa
  • Georgina Bennett

    I linked this page in my most recent post as it gave me such a good idea. I managed to convince my boyfriend that we should build a fort! I failed on the idea of bacon roses though, sad times.

    • Teffy

      Thank you lovely!! Keep trying for the roses, he’ll cave eventually =)

  • Amy @ Elephant Eats

    Oh my gosh, I love the build a fort idea! So cute!!!

  • Charlotte Juckes

    Ohhh this is such a cute list! I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of something to do for V Day with my boyf that isn’t sickeningly cheesy but still kind of sweet – I think you might have nailed it with building a fort…

    Charlotte xx

    Charlotte Mostly

    • Teffy

      Forts are the one aren’t they? SO much fun! X

  • Ibbs Quinton

    We are having a curry night, then probs movie and early night as I’ve got an early start on sat and he’s got a big race!
    Such hard core ravers haha x x x

    • Teffy

      Haha party-goers-extreme! To be fair, we stayed in and ate as well. So hard core! X

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    The bacon roses made me smile with delight!! My fiance would love those. It’s so much fun to do a cookery class together too.


    • Teffy

      Cookery classes were so different than what we usually do… and he was so proud of the fact he made his own bread! X

  • Joanne (eats well with others)

    The.Boy and I aren’t doing anything crazy special either….just our normal Friday night cooking, eating, and watching a movie together!!

    • Teffy

      Best way to celebrate, in my opinion! X

  • Emma

    I’ve a V-day on the fencer.

    Although I could be pulled over to the lover if someone presented me with bacon roses!

    Hmm maybe…

    • Teffy

      I think V-Day should become Bacon Rose Day! X

  • Queenie Lee

    omg those bacon roses are the best things I’ve ever seen! I also love a funny card :)